Cliffnotes to Success in Life, 2012 Edition

February 6, 2012

“How to succeed in life” is a complex question, full of nuances and assumptions.  But who has time for nuances?  Here, instead, is the cliff notes version: Success is about what you do.  Every action you take, every day, causes other things. There is no Prince coming to save you.  He is busy slaying dragons. […]

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Coworking in San Diego: The Definitive Guide

July 27, 2011

Coworking in San Diego has been on the rise, with many new spaces offering their rooms and services to budding entrepreneurs. But are you confused about the variety of co-working spaces? Baffled as to which one is the best for you? Here are some recommendations to get you started, based on what you’re looking for […]

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Lead scoring model – why most fail

April 18, 2011

And how is not this the most reprehensible ignorance, to think that one knows what one does not know? But I, colleagues! in this, perhaps, differ from most marketers; and if I should say that I am in any thing wiser than another, it would be in this, that not having a competent knowledge of […]

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The last shrewd act of Manny Ramirez, ballplayer

April 11, 2011

Manny Ramirez retired this week amid reports of a second positive drug test.  Although some reports portray his stupidity for testing positive, I’m more interested in cleverness of his retirement. Examine this chart: Since 2004, the biggest two stories about Manny were a) being traded from one big market team to another (2008) and b) […]

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Video Mashup: Inception and Hoodoo

April 5, 2011
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Possible Trends in India

March 7, 2011

Some upcoming trends in Delhi: SUVs.  The roads are filled with a mix of compact cars, bicycles, auto rickshaws, dogs, goats, pedestrians, and camels.  A few companies are beginning to sell SUVs, and in a city this noisy and bumpy they will be well regarded.  Provided the prices drop (2x US prices right now), the […]

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Thoughts on India

March 2, 2011

Some notes from my trip to India: Customer Service doesn’t include a smile. Very few service providers smiled at customers, and at first this was unnerving; but I began to realize families still smiled at each other.  This could be because many of the service providers were of a different class, while families are on […]

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Four Steps for to Survive Bankruptcy

February 24, 2011

Here are four steps for Borders to survive bankruptcy, by emphasizing high-touch over high-tech.

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Proverb Tuesday: When one door closes…

February 15, 2011

“Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road” -Katy Perry Yeah I just quoted Katy Perry.  Maybe because this song is a mechanically engineered earworm.  But I digress. Everyone seems to love to say “when one door closes, another one opens.”  But […]

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28 Day Challenge: Three Weeks In

February 4, 2011

On January 17 I decided to change three habits: Eat more protein Call more people Sleep whenever Almost three weeks in, I’d call it a success and a failure.  I’ve changed my diet and this led to strength PRs so that has been great. For calling people: I haven’t kept this goal everyday, although I’ve […]

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