Bidsketch Review

by Steven on December 10, 2013

Recently I started using Bidsketch for proposals, replacing a workflow involving Word Docs and headaches.

Normally I trial multiple products aimed at the same problem to see what fits best.  Using Bidsketch, however, has been such a positive experience that I can’t imagine a better product.

If you have a small business, here are four reasons you should use it:

  1. Save time on drafting proposals. For many companies, the fastest proposal delivered wins. Bidsketch makes it easy to re-use blocks of content without digging through your last ten proposals to find a match.  You can also collaborate on proposals with others.
  2. Track engagement with your proposals. The period between sending a proposal and getting it signed can be quite stressful. Knowing your prospect viewed the proposal and printed it provides a peace of mind.
  3. Upsell clients. Getting a proposal at the right budget level is tricky: is the stated budget the real amount? Should you deliver a proposal significantly higher or lower? With Bidsketch, you can solve this by offering add-on services within the proposal that can be easily
  4. One-stop for approval and signature. When you send a PDF, you have to both get informal approval and then get a signature. With Bidsketch, these steps are merged into one.

It would be nice to see more details on engagement such as which sections of the proposal get the most attention.  But overall, this is a big step forward from my previous workflow and a big win.

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