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July 2009

Six Marketing Lessons Applied To Dating

July 31, 2009

HT: In the Spring of 2008, I officially embarked on two journeys: the first an internship in Marketing, the second a quest to go on thirty dates in twenty weeks (and ended at 32 in 19 weeks).  From this, I realized how similar dating and marketing can be: In the beginning, quantity of leads […]

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Why Twitter is lost on the Enterprise firms

July 29, 2009

in which I analyze why social media marketing is wasted on the enterprise market.

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Proverb Tuesday: are you the bird or the worm?

July 28, 2009

Every Tuesday I offer up a classic proverb and decide whether it is relevant to modern business. Today’s proverb:  The early bird gets the worm. Yes, but the early worm gets eaten.  So you have to ask yourself: are you the bird or the worm?  As an employee, who benefits from you coming in early, […]

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What does it all mean?

July 25, 2009

Hi. This blog will cover business, dating, philosophy, and what the three areas can teach each other.

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